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  1. No pics are taken at these events, right? I’m just asking b/c of all the fun pics on this site? Also, do people sign up beforehand or do they just show up w/their wonderful selves?

  2. Hello!
    No pictures are taken at these events. It is a completely safe environment for you to get down and go wild. If we ever have photo shoots (like the ones on the site) we give people advanced notice. No need to sign up early, just show up and dance!
    Glennis & Marcy

  3. Ladies! Where’s your inclusion in last month’s Village Voice “Best Of” issue! “Best Gym Workout Without Having To Be Under the Scrutiny of Trainers, Buff Guys, or Yogis”! The world should know!

  4. You need to get yourself on the Dr.Oz show. He does a quick fitness thing at the end of his shows and I think alot of women need to here about dancing 101!. Thanks , Dawn.

    • Dawn I think that is a brilliant idea!! The man will be hearing from us in 2010. Best & Have a Great Holiday, Dana

  5. any atlanta chapters? I’d love to join!

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