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Hello. My name is Hilary and I’m a D.A.P.

Designated Awkward Person.  I’m not quite sure who designated me, but I’d really like to have a word with them.  This acknowledgement of my D.A.P. status is an appeal to my fellow sisters in awkwardness possibly lurking in the shadows.  You may have checked out the DDPP blog and/or Facebook page with interest.  Perhaps you’ve even RSVP’d to an event.  But then the day rolls around and you think, “I don’t know.  It might be weird.”

And you know what?  I’m not going to lie to you – it IS weird.  That is precisely how I explain DDPP to my friends:  “It’s exactly like it sounds.  Really fun and a little weird.”  But not in the way that you’re thinking and it’s actually what makes DDPP so great.  What I mean by that is, no one’s going to try to catch your eye and try to get you to do the dougie.  No one’s going to engage you at all.  We are dancing alone together!!  That’s what’s so awesomely odd.  When we say freestyle and no judgment, we mean it.  I like to think of our dance parties as somewhere between dancing alone in your living room and clubbing.  They lack the isolation of the former and the intimidation (and sometimes irritation) of the second.

Just in case you’re worried you’re going to walk into a room filled with lithe, break-dancing supermodels, let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I lay in bed at night going over just about every word I’ve uttered that day with repeated mental face-palms.  I only post pictures of myself from the neck up on Facebook so the people I went to high school with won’t see how fat I’ve gotten.  When I see a thin and not-pale girl with smooth hair (especially on a humid or rainy day), I feel unforgivably stabby toward her even though I am old and wise enough to know she is just as insecure and filled with self-doubt as I am.  I still can’t play it cool with a guy I like to save my damn life.  I fall down at least three times a week.   And I’m a HOST, you guys.

In fact, I signed up to host DDPP thinking it would combat my awkwardness.  It turns out, the two can co-exist in perfect harmony.  So to my sisters, if you’re on the fence about coming to an event – please do.  I really feel in my fidgety and uncomfortable heart that you’ll be very glad you did.

Forever and bumblingly yours,



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