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    440 Studios
    440 Lafayette Street @ Astor Place
    New York, NY
    $5.00/session with RSVP
    $7.00 at the door w/out RSVP

    dancedancepartyparty [at] gmail [dot] com

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    Dance Dance Party Party NY's Facebook Page

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More on 80’s movies moments and blog stuff

In making the playlist for this weekend Dance Dance Party Party (which is still in progress), I’ve come across so many classic 80’s movie music moments that are awesome times a thousand, but don’t really work for dance party songs.  I hate not being able to include them, so I thought I’d at least pay homage by giving a shout out on the blog.

And now I’m going to sneak in some less fun info.  First, Facebook no longer allows us to update those who “like” the page.  In the past, most of our RSVPs have come through Facebook after an event is created and an update sent out.  Now we have to hope that people see status updates in their newsfeed or happen to visit our page.  So pretty, pretty please take a gander at our Facebook page every once in a while or join our mailing list (dancedancepartyparty@gmail.com) so you can stay up to date on events.

Second.  Ugh, WordPress, you guys.  Not to talk smack about our faithful blog server, but the widget options leave something to be desired.  I have added our Google calendar to the  top right window.  I have yet to figure out how to hyperlink individual dates to events, but if you click on it, you’ll be redirected to our public Google calendar where upcoming dance parties are scheduled.  As of right now, there’s two scheduled.  (December 8th and January 5th).  I’m having trouble getting a studio for a weeknight after that, but I’ll try to get something worked out soon.

Finally, DDPP will be in Time Out New York again!  We are being included in a upcoming article on ways to de-stress during the holiday season.  We’ll post a link when the article comes out.  In the meantime, enjoy your time on the banana boat!  More to come!


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