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Detroit Press!

Our fabulous Detroit DDPP Den Mothers (Keri & Terra) just sent me the article on DDPP Detroit and I must say it’s great!  Enjoy!

C & G Newspapers (MI)

Paper: Shelby-Utica News (MI)

Title: Girlfriends get down

Date: May 14, 2008

SHELBY TOWNSHIP – It started as a backlash to bars in New York City, which have to have specific licenses for patrons to dance.”We were out at a bar, and we got talked to by the bartender because we were kind of dancing to the music,” said 29-year-old Glennis McMurray, who lives in the city. “We were like, ‘Wow, this sucks.'”

That’s what led McMurray and her friend, 29-year-old Marcy Girt, to start Dance Dance Party Party, a club that lets women dance with their girlfriends without the problem of fighting off flirtatious men, in an alcohol-and smoking-free environment.

“We started this about two and a half years ago … to have kind of a safe place where women can go and dance and kind of relive the days of yore when you would go to a slumber party with your girlfriends,” McMurray said.

Though it started in New York, the idea has spread around the globe, from Chicago to New Zealand and now to the Detroit area at Envision Dance Company in Shelby Township.

The Detroit chapter was started by Keri Bonucchi, 29, of Sterling Heights and Terra Hantz of Harrison Township.

The dance studio agreed to rent the space out to them.

“I was actually looking for a dance class for adults,” said Bonucchi. “I just had a baby eight months ago” and was looking to “find something, an activity or a hobby, that I could take time for myself.”

She said this is a way for women to get the benefits of dance without feeling self-conscious at a bar.

“So many times girlfriends or whatever will go to the bar and just want to dance, but you feel that people are watching you,” she said. “It’s just a forum for ladies to come and let loose. Dance like you were alone in your apartment … with your music just cranked up.”

And though Dance Dance Party Party is a great workout, McMurray said that’s just a side benefit.

“People will burn calories while you’re there,” she said. But “there are no specific exercises.”

Bonucchi said she hopes the event will grow from the first session May 4.

“It was our first time, and we, obviously, need to get out there and do some more promoting,” she said. “We plan on doing it every Sunday.”

And while she supplied the playlist that day, anyone who comes is welcome to bring their own iPod playlist or CDs, or just a list of songs they’d like to dance to.

“My hope is that we get a lot of different people who just want to meet new people, want to have that experience,” she said. “I’m hopeful that we’ll get a mix of ladies of all different ages.”

The Detroit Chapter of Dance Dance Party Party meets every Sunday from 3-4:30 p.m. at Envision Dance Company, 14104 Lakeside Blvd. North, in Shelby Township.

The $5 admission pays for the studio rental.

For more information, log on to www.dancedancepartyparty.com.


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