DDPP 1, Football 0

Well, the Super Bowl may have had more attendees, but I think we had more fun!  (Espesh if you’re a Pats fan…yeesh, what a way to end a perfect season.)

Anywayzelbums, It was a gorgeous NY day out and we’re pretty sure most of our ladies were tailgating before the big game (we don’t blame ya!) but we still had 6 fabulous dancers for DJ Sassy Mollassy’s fabulous mix!  Some of the songs we hadn’t heard at DDPP™ before and they proved to provide a rocking good time.  I don’t know about the rest of the ladies but I felt like I was performing at the half-time show.

And now without further ado here’s the mix… we’d call this a touchdown!

Hope we see you next week!  We have A HUGE room (4C) and a mix from DJ Skratcher K (Kim Braun) for the Independent Woman!   Throw your hands up at meeee.

Marcy & Glennis!


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