• Come Dance!

    440 Studios
    440 Lafayette Street @ Astor Place
    New York, NY
    $5.00/session with RSVP
    $7.00 at the door w/out RSVP

    dancedancepartyparty [at] gmail [dot] com

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If you’re finding us through either Buzz Feed or Time Out then welcome!

Contemplating coming to DDPP this Sunday?  We know what’s probably going through your mind.  You can’t really dance.  You don’t really feel comfortable “letting loose” with people you don’t know.  Maybe you’re thinking you’re not in good shape, or that you don’t have “cool” workout clothes.  Or possibly you’re thinking you just don’t have the time and you’re just too tired etc, etc, etc.

Well let us just say this…

The main reason we started DDPP was because we just plain loved to dance.  But it’s turned into so much more than that.  Every week new women show up and we can see the trepidation in their faces.  We wouldn’t really know what to expect either even with all the write-ups and press out there.  There aren’t many situations you’ll walk into where an organized event says “ok…just do your thing” so it’s a little bit daunting.  And for the first 5 minutes you might feel a little self-conscious.   DDPP is more like something we do at home in our rooms and let’s face it, it can get kind of silly!  But what you’ll soon come to realize is that none of these women are judging you.  And people are really into their dance moves and hey, that move looks fun!  Let’s all do that move for a little bit!  And wow, I kind of look awesome in the mirror.  I think I’ll watch myself for a little bit.  Wow.  I am really hot.  Who knew I was so hot!

The point is there’s not enough love out there.  And, not to get all mushy, but we need a little bit more of it!  For ourselves and for other ladies.  We don’t care what you wear.  We don’t care how you dance.  You’re there for you and to make yourself happy.  We want DDPP to be a place where you can walk in and feel completely at ease and leave feeling exhausted and elated.

We’ve been doing this for over a year now and every week we continually look forward to it.  If we’re in a gloomy mood we get to look forward to it and if we’re STILL in a gloomy mood when we start, we’re on cloud 9 by the end.

So… we hope you’ll give it a chance.  It’s something we love very much and would love to share it with all the amazing ladies in NY.

And if you decide this weekend isn’t the right time don’t you fret – we’ll be there for you when it is.


Marcy & Glennis


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